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Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:07 am by Admin

Bounty Hunter, Rules of conduct for all Triad members

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Bounty Hunter, Rules of conduct for all Triad members

Post  Admin on Thu Aug 13, 2009 7:07 am

As we all know the bounty hunter dailies are starting to cause some problems , regarding the following things , Matts, Coin, and Drops.
I believe that communication is the key to by passing a lot of the issues that seem to be happening here .

1. Everyone should share in the cost of the matts for these runs , there for any drops should be shared 6 ways. (this includes 3 * and molds )

2 . If the run is un wined then, as any other run what ends up in your bag is yours.

3. If one person indicates that they will supply the wine for the entire bounty run, then what ever mold / 3 star item drops is theirs . ( please let the whole party know this beforehand not after or in the middle of a run )

4. If any issues arise out of these bounty runs, KEEP THEM OUT OF FACTION CHATT ! pm and officer, with all parties in squad chat to discuss the issue .

5. Bounty runs with members of other factions , if mostly Triad ppl in the party then Triad rules apply to all . If you are in a party were the people are mostly from another faction then remember to ask how they do there runs, this should save any problems.

6. Make sure that you are happy with the arrangement of shared cost for matts , wines , coin contribution and drop distributions be for you do the run, if you are not then do not do the run.

7. The bounty hunters missions seem to be able to be stacked, it that it the case, try to do two at a time this will save time, and coin.


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